01/11/2017 10:28 AM
Urgent express service is one of Nasco Express fast-connecting solution. Urgent express service helps to transport parcels directly through airway to the received address in 25 city centres nationwide within 12-15 hours (including delivery time).
Nasco Express

When using urgent post service at Nasco Express:

  • All items will be delivered directly through airway to receiving address.
  • Supporting 24/24, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Different options of delivery time to meet customers’ needs.
  • In additions, customers using urgent express services are offered following promotions:
  • Prior to receiving time: when customers contact our offices, within 30 minutes, our postman will receive parcels at the required address.
  • Prior to connect: with our normal express services, delivery time periods are fixed. With urgent express services, parcels are immediately connected to recipient’s address.
  • Prior to delivery time: After parcels are connected to destination post, postman is assigned to prior deliver that parcels.

Contact Help Centre: 1900 1106
Website: www.nascoexpress.com